Our programs and events are made possible by the support of sponsors, individuals and businesses alike.

Your patronage will support academic programs that will impact over 500 children each year, allowing them to advance their academic skills in a crucial point of their cognitive development. Success in early education has been proven to tie into success later in life, making your investment in our children an investment in their future and the future of our state.

Our comprehensive approach to academic and leadership programs also impacts our Youth Service and Leadership Programs, which aim to create a pathway for Latino youth to thrive in high school, college, and in their professional journeys.

Additionally, funds raised impact entire families through leadership programs and enrichment events that allow for family fun.

For more information on sponsorships,
please contact Development Director, Ashley Lewman, Ashley.lewman@losninosprimerousa.org

To Our 2023 Partners: Thank You for Believing In Our Mission to Empower Latino Families Towards Success


Dr. Michelle & Richard Robbins
Heidi Natkin & Gilson Sirvas


Charlie & Lisa Gray
Dan & Margaret Schafer
Kenneth Mead
Sam & Mary


Dale & Bruce Morine
Kirk Rich
Lynn & Phil Moore
Thays Morgan
Tom Marlitt-Corbett



Phil & Betty Klein
David & Christy Hill
Judy Reece
Rafael Martin Gurtubay

Welcome Circle

Rreal Tacos
Roxie Hernandez
Sandy Springs Women’s Club
Spanglish Multilingual Agency