Sports allow children to explore and develop skills that are beneficial for their physical and mental health. By participating in movement and team activities, children experience a number of benefits, including developing self-esteem, improving social skills, maintaining discipline, and learning to collaborate.

Los Niños Primero Soccer Academy Soccer
5-7 year olds and 7-12 year olds

Fridays 6-8 PM, held at Soccer Field in the Mount Vernon School Lower Campus.

Los Niños Primero Soccer Academy is led by technical soccer professional Ricardo Montoya. Ricardo is a USSF Y and A licensed coach that played soccer professionally in Costa Rica and has coached professionally in El Salvador and USA leagues. He has 20 years of coaching experience at all levels, from at-youth-risk programs to select academy development programs, plus professional soccer.

The LNP Soccer Academy students meet on Fridays, where students 7-12 practice their basic soccer skills. Children 5 & 6 and their parents play together and engage in friendly tournaments. The Soccer Academy inspires and advances a better quality of life for our young players by integrating social, health, and emotional well-being instruction.

4+ year olds
Schedule set by our partners at Goldfish Swim

With special funding awarded by The City of Sandy Springs, Los Niños Primero has partnered with Goldfish Swim to teach our students this important life skill that also supports their balance, movement, and motor skills.

For more information about these programs, please contact our Extracurricular Program Coordinator, Vasthi Reyes at

As of August 2023, all of our extra curricular activity slots are filled. Please follow us on social media to keep up with important dates and future registration periods.