Engaging with art is essential for the development and growth of children. Studies have shown that children communicate through artistic expression. The arts improve children’s motor skills, language development, and social skills, promoting self-discipline and expression.

Our arts enrichment programs encourage Los Niños Primero students to participate year-round in the joys of art, music, theatre, and dance. Our children explore and discover through the arts while embracing their culture and traditions!

To register, contact Extracurriculars Coordinator Vashti Reyes at

Must have participated in Los Niños Primero’s Summer Educational Program in order to enroll.

Orchestra & Chorus

5+ year olds

Weekly from September – May

Chorus and musical studies enrich our programmatic offerings while promoting unmitigated joy! Through music, children improve their ability to organize their thoughts, manage time and attention, and regulate their behavior.

The Los Niños Primero Orchestra is led by classical instructor Isabel Mester, and students familiarize themselves with ukuleles, xylophones, keyboards, and recorders. Through this meaningful and fun experience, children develop a passion for the arts and find themselves challenged to work as a team to create something beautiful. The purpose is to promote belonging and create self-rewarding, fun, and exciting musical activities and experiences that will nurture and assist Latino children as they expand their horizons!


4 to 12-year-olds

Children between 6 and 12 years old participate in traditional dance instruction, culminating in a performance each semester. Our students continue learning about their roots and culture while getting the added movement and health benefits of regular dance instruction.

Alliance Theatre

As a complementary learning experience, Los Niños Primero partners with the Alliance Theatre. Through storytelling workshops, performances, art, and music-making, the Alliance Theatre community shares its strengths with Los Niños Primero while helping our students improve literacy skills and reading comprehension readiness.

The Alliance Theatre is a signature collaborator in our Early Educational Programs and we wholeheartedly thank them for lovingly engaging our students in the theater arts.

Creciendo Juntas: A Big & Little Sister
Mentorship Program (Girls Growing Together)

Our new program Creciendo Juntas unites our girl youth volunteers and girl students to form relationships and become each other’s mentors. The big and little sister program allows access to education, the arts, and mental wellness through bi-monthly workshops. Students are partnered with their “Big” and participate in free workshops, field trips, and activities that will cultivate a close relationship built on trust and personal growth.

Funding for Creciendo Juntas is provided by the Atlanta Women’s Foundation All Girls Forward: Girls Empowerment Program Grant.

For more information about our arts programs, please contact our Extracurricular Program Coordinator, Vasthi Reyes at vasthi.reyes@losninosprimerousa.org.

Funding for these programs is provided in part by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, under the guidance of the Fulton County Department of Community Development and the City of Sandy Springs.

As of August 2023, all of our extracurricular activity slots are filled. Please follow us on social media to keep up with important dates and future registration periods.