Volunteering at Los Niños Primero is a unique experience that connects Youth and Adult Volunteers with their communities. Our volunteers understand from first-hand experience the positive impact this organization has on the families it serves and the Atlanta community. We offer multiple opportunities for passionate youth and adults in our community to support our students, both in the classroom and behind the scenes.

Volunteer opportunities include:


  • Saturday School
  • Early Literacy Program
  • Educational Summer Program
  • Día del Niño

You can learn more about our Youth Service and Leadership Program

Adult (Individual, Group, and Corporate Opportunities)

Provide classroom support to our early education students

  • Saturday School (Fall and Spring)
  • Educational Summer Program (June)

Support our signature events

  • Día del Niño (April)

Share your knowledge and experience with our leadership participants

  • Advise/Mentor a Youth or Parent Leadership Class

Interested in becoming a youth volunteer?

For youth service opportunities, contact lizbeth.zamora@losninosprimerousa.org

Interested in becoming an Adult volunteer?

For individual, group, or corporate opportunities contact jeannie.myers@losninosprimerousa.org

Corporate Volunteer Partners