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Hello! My name is Maritza Morelli. Since 2001, I have had the privilege of being the co-founder and executive director of the organization Los Niños Primero. I have dedicated my life to providing educational opportunities and support to Latino families in Atlanta, establishing strong community ties and fostering a love of learning at all stages of life. For me, this goes beyond just a profession; It is a true-life mission and a genuine commitment to personal development through education.

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april 2024

Play and Laughter: Two Very Serious Matters

I want to share with you a very serious topic that impacts us all, from the youngest children to the oldest: the importance of laughter and play! Although it may seem paradoxical, play represents something very serious in children’s development. In a world where even children have busy schedules, it is our role as caregivers to use our imagination and take advantage of everyday activities that can create space and time for common enjoyment.