The parents of Los Niños Primero children are an integral part of our community, and we support them through leadership and educational programs. Our programs are formulated around three important pillars: academics, mental well-being, and leadership. Through these programs, parents find a new sense of belonging in their communities and trace a path to help themselves and their children prosper, proof that a passion for education can be found at any point in life.


Los Niños Primero requires parents to actively participate in our programs. Parents are expected to attend at least 4 of the 7 parenting classes we offer during our Summer Educational Program to support their personal growth and education.

Through these learning sessions, parents engage in meaningful conversations with each other and gain the tools they need to best support their children’s education and overall development and well-being.

Session topics include:

  • What Children Learn At Los Niños Primero
  • New Trends In Education
  • How Does The School System Work
  • Healthy Eating Habits With Cooking Matters, An Open Hands Atlanta Program
  • Understanding My Child’s Behavior


LYRIC is led by a group of educators, advocates, parents, teachers, and counselors offering fee-free services to help Latino families plan for their child’s postsecondary education. Our services are offered to Latino parents with high school-age students at Riverwood International Charter School and North Springs Charter High School.

Throughout the school year, qualified facilitators from the college counseling departments at North Springs and Riverwood will provide resources designed to help parents navigate the college application process early and alongside their teenager.

Session topics include:

  • How To Prepare For The School Year
  • How To Get Involved In Clubs And Extracurricular Activities
  • School Calendar
  • Graduation Requirements
  • How To Talk To Our Children About Values And Mental Health
  • Final Exam Dates
  • Credit Recovery


Cooking Matters is a series of 7 consecutive cooking lessons that promote holistic well-being, providing under-resourced families with the tools they need to shop smarter and make healthier food choices. Through this program, parents will gain a better understanding of the intricate connections between mental health and nutrition and how these can come together to develop overall wellness and happiness.

This program is in partnership with OpenHand Atlanta, led by a qualified bi-lingual instructor.

Session topics include:

  • Learn To Cook And Eat Healthy Meals For The Entire Family
  • Cook And Share Nutritious And Delicious Food With Your Friends
  • Learn How To Choose Healthy Options For You And Your Family
  • Learn Cooking Tips And Tricks
  • Learn To Shop Smart
  • Learn New Healthy And Money-Saving Recipes
  • Learn How To Create A Healthy Environment For Your Family’s Meals


Since 2017, Los Niños Primero and United Way of Greater Atlanta have joined efforts to ensure every family has the opportunity to reach their full leadership potential through the Fostering Family Leaders Program. During 10 weekly sessions, this program builds on the parent’s current strengths and takes them onto a new level of leadership in their home, school & community. Our facilitators meet with our parents to train them on efficient peer-to-peer mentoring, socio-emotional development, and parenting skills. During each session, parents learn how to engage with other parents and identify their unique voices and skill sets.

We are proud to say that 90 parents have graduated from the program, with some becoming mentors and advocates for their fellow Latino parents.

Congratulations to the 11 graduates of our 2023 virtual spring session of Fostering Family Leaders – we’re honored to witness you grow as leaders in your lives and in your communities.

This fall, we look forward to celebrating 100 parents who have graduated since 2017! 


Since 2015, Los Niños Primero has engaged parents in an innovative Parent Coach Program. In the last eight years, we’ve had over 150 Parent Coaches.

The program is structured so that each coach parent commits for one year as a parent liaison to Los Niños Primero enrolled families, serving as guides for them on their journeys through our academic and extracurricular programs.

On average, a parent coach has between 10 to 17 families with whom they communicate throughout the year. The model has been transformative. It builds community and fosters a sense of belonging and trust.

Through The Parent Coach Program, participants:

  • Cultivate and support an effective communication system between Los Niños Primero and the enrolled families
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Encourage other parents to be more involved
  • Acquire training in skills, such as customer service, positive communication, and organizational management

Our Leadership and Educational Programs for Families are for parents of Los Niños Primero participants.

For more information on any of our parent programs, please contact Director of Family Engagement and Leadership, Gloria Narea